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Shipping Lines

While working for Shipping Companies for a good number of years, CSR has also developed a consolidate reputation with the Shipping lines having their operational hub in Pakistan. The platform for this solution can't be other than Web because it requires to connect not only the Head Office of Shipping Line but also their agents working anywhere around the globe.

We have experience of a wide range of application areas including:

  • Customer Services management
  • E-Commerce / Internet / Intranet
  • Data warehousing / Management Information systems
  • Workflow, imaging and document management
  • Enterprise Applications

Our technical expertise has enabled us to develop a solution that can work in seperate geographic locations to serve the bigger goal. The Web Solution deployed at Asian Container Lines is a recent proof of that statement. The Head Office at Karachi and their agents in Gulf are working seamlessly in the installed Web application.

Asset Management

CSR has developed a number of asset management systems for defence and government organisations. As well as the more obvious tracking of physical entities, we have also implemented more specialised systems to control the distribution of electronic payloads such as cryptographic key material.

In addition, our systems have been used to follow and direct the movement of people as part of field force management suites.

Data Intelligence

CSR has an enviable track record of assisting military and civil organisations in managing their large and complex data sources more efficiently. Our work has enabled those organisations to extract consistent, up-to-date, high-value information from their raw data, in the form of fused or integrated 'single views of the world'. The complexity and sophistication of today's integrated mission systems and platforms, operating within an environment of Network Enabled Capability (NEC), means that they are both highly data-rich and extremely information-hungry. The performance of these systems and platforms, and that of the personnel using them, is critically dependent upon the quality of the information with which they are fed. Our experience of data modelling, integration, de-confliction, warehousing and distribution will allow you to obtain the most value and benefit from your information assets, providing you with Actionable Intelligence.

Geographic Information Solutions

CSR routinely incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into projects for the capture, management, analysis and display of geographic information and spatial data. We have applied our expertise in fields as diverse as road network management, police statistics and intelligence products as well as rotorcraft mission planning and analysis tools. In support of this work, CSR has developed a lightweight, open source product called IP Map that allows our clients to rapidly deploy low cost GIS solutions.

High-Integrity Embedded Development

One of CSR's core competencies is the development of high-integrity systems for embedded environments. Such systems require rigorous engineering processes to ensure that they behave as expected, first time, every time. CSR's quality assurance process ensures that such systems are fit-for-purpose and has been used successfully for the development of systems for in-flight refuelling, mission planning, covert radios, medical instruments, air traffic control and active traffic management as well as many others.

Homeland Security

CSR works across a wide range of sectors including Defence, Emergency Services, Government and Telecoms. As such, we are in a unique position to bring together innovative technologies and ideas to counter the increasing threat of terrorist activity, especially where the traditional roles of the military, police and security forces have become blurred. From enriching intelligence information with Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data to analysing complex communications protocols, CSR can help you extract more valuable information from the vast volumes of data that is currently being stored and, often, ignored.

Mission Planning

CSR's mission planning systems have been demonstrated to improve operational efficiency and hence increase military effectiveness. This not only derives better value from the platforms and their crews but also improves their safety and survivability and that of the service personnel depending on their support.

PDS Support

CSR has provided a number of clients with ongoing support for complex software systems. Such engagements can vary from a simple revision-controlled bug fixing service to a fully managed maintenance facility offering 24/7 support and Service Level Agreements to ensure timely resolution of issues.

Systems Engineering & Integration

CSR has, for 30 years, been developing bespoke software for integration into complex systems. During this time, the increasing availability and configurability of COTS products has led to a change in the way that many systems are designed and built. CSR has kept pace with this changing world and now has considerable experience in systems engineering and the through-life management challenges that are associated with a mix of hardware, COTS and bespoke software.


CSR has considerable experience in the testing arena. We develop, support and promote world-class software verification products which have been used in many high-integrity projects ranging from medical, ATC, avionics, automotive, space, defence and nuclear energy systems. Coupled to this is a software testing service based on CSR's stringent quality assurance process that has been successfully audited against a number of guidelines and standards, including DO-178B (Level A). This service addresses all levels of testing, from unit through to system, and we can assist throughout the lifecycle to design and develop a test suite that fully meets your domain requirements.